Catherine Ashton :” the stability of Kurdistan as an excellent example and she desires it could inspire all the Country”. Interview with Catherine Ashton European Commission by Shorsh Surme.

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Catherine Ashton :” the stability of Kurdistan as an excellent example and she desires it could inspire all the Country”. Interview with Catherine Ashton European Commission by Shorsh Surme…….

“ Catherine Ashton, as you well know, the situation of Iraq is more and more dramatic because of attacks that everyday kill a lot of citizens and because of incompatible differences between Shiites and Sunnites. At now, in your opinion, EU must push the actual Government of Al Maliki to for a National reconciliation?”
The High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy for the European Union, Catherine Ashton, exteriorized many times, publicly and with her Iraqi interlocutors, her apprehensions about the Country’s developing. Catherine Ashton proposed the argument Iraq among the points of discussions of February in Foreign Council that published the situation about messages from Eu to Iraq. European Union repeated many times to all the autorithies from Iraq, PM as well, his strong appeal to unity in this crucial time of the Country’s transition. Eu believes that the future of Iraq depend on his ability of religious and political leaders to try together a national reconciliation for the good of Iraq and a model and motivation to the people that, guided by his leaders, could get ahead of the tensions and conflicts. The differences between Schiites and Sunnites are not irrevocable but the situation can change if it become object of manipulations. The High Representative remains sure that Iraqi population desires a peaceful and healthy future and hopes that European Union with her support, could help Iraq to reach this purpose.
“The situation of Syria is very alarming because of the potential effects on Iraq and on Kurdistan’s region: that has been remarqued by the President of Kurdistan region of Iraq in front of the Foreign Affairs in European Parliament days ago. Now 200 thousands of refugees on camps in Kurdistan of Iraq who need everything particularly in the cold winter. Kurdish Government have done the best it could, I ask you if European Union must help as well?”
For the High Representative the crisis in Syria is having bad consequences and, particularly in Iraq, is increasing the internal tensions and conflicts, contributing to the radicalization of positions and making a productive field for the proliferation of terrorists. Catherine Ashton believes that the actual humane disaster is the most grave consequence of this crisis, where a lot of people seeked refuge in the close countries and tried to move to sure places. The European Union have openly admired, particularly during the conclusions of Foreign Council of February, the generosity of population and the obligation of the authorities in welcoming the refugees. Eu, then, has pledged to a logistic and financial support. Eu taked an assistance for the different countries , included 21 millions of euro of human help for Syrian refugees in Iraq, added in 2012 and 2013, to the projected assistance. That pledge to helping this human crisis is what Eu want to continue.
“Kurdistan of Iraq is the unique area in peace and security thanks of Kurdish army forces and population who ever denied and condemned the attacks. Now the region became the only economical way in all Iraq: in your opinion the European Countries could invest in an emergent country as Kurdistan?”
The High Representative Catherine Ashton admits the stability of Kurdistan as an excellent example and she desires it could inspire all the Country. She believes that the political leaders shouldn’t obliged or grounded the choices of the European firms. It’s a free choice of the firms that must be encouraged successfuly by every country, prospecting a stability image, making a right juridic representation, assuring the rights of the investors , fighting against corruption. The instability and the lack of a encouraging juridic representation for the investors in Iraq constitutes a discouragement. The Kurdistan of Iraq has a strong interest to contribute to the stabilization of the country who will have a good effect . Europe could be close to Iraq in its efforts of attracting investments in the Country.

“What is your message for all the people of Iraq?”
The High Representative appeals to the people of Iraq to refuse terrorism that subvert the stabilization of the Country. Catherine Ashton encourages to concentrate the efforts of exceeding this terrible violence, making a real national reconciliation and having success on the construction of a pluralist, democratic and respectful of human rights society and prosperous.
Transleded by Elena Barotto


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